What is the Scratch FNF Test collection?

What is the Scratch FNF Test collection? 500 years ago yes i made this video about making a scratch project on on on a on a friday night funkin test well i've opened this project again and i'm ready to go. To make to make the simple idle animation what do you think it was going to be like making the whole animation know, that i'd take like 50 minutes i'm being serious i actually would the idol animation can. Be pretty hard probably not with the cat so obviously let's just type idle so we have the first idol okay but we aren't gonna code, it completely today also might just just, first if you uh just for the point of making it a bit easier please stop texting me yeah it works pretty, well uh why is my voice cracking i think it isn't him anyway let's. Put that back a little bit group i thought i already grouped you i'm gonna have to put my phone on do not disturb in a minute why did i just sound like i was shouting, like really badly i sounded like a, bad person i'm gonna literally have to put my phone on do not disturb because i'm getting texted so much right so now i think for this.

We're going to start like moving his hands a little bit give it a little bit of character so i and, maybe just move his tail as well so it's a bit much maybe shoot yes bit better yeah that's way better look at that now i.

Prefer it. When i have four or five on idling animations but we're just gonna do for i really think we're gonna have time to do at least, one other animation i have a feeling that's like colliding well we've got four here i, feel like we're on something and when you get to about three it just starts to come up doesn't it i think now is where it starts to come, i'm gonna have to center all these properly like otherwise, it all just looks weird hmm it's kind of weird now it doesn't matter yeah that looks good ish so, now we're gonna do one and i'm telling you one of the animation and we're going to start with down yeah well we.

Have enough time for that let me just check my um streamers oh six minutes we only have time to perfect next time i'll, say it next time i say uh a word with p at the start i'm gonna go instead of. Perfect anyway perfect i'm not gonna do it by the way perfect it um should we have it so should we see what it's like moving that's what you always. Have to.

Do because forever now i do about know all right so this costume how many times three so you have to do it three times so repeat three now. This is the weird part so now we're going to have the same thing but instead of the next costume this is, where it gets complicated i just don't quote so um switch costume two now we're gonna have to do instead of that minus put a minus sputter costume. Number and then just put by one and then let's see yeah it.

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