Test the main character of Doki Doki Club – FNF Monika Test

Test the main character of Doki Doki Club – FNF Monika Test i wonder what happens to my touch dude wait what that’s insta death look at boyfriends drip though like what finally a moment between us again oh no, thank you for downloading friday night funk and doki doki takeover here’s a few things you should know before you, begin mod epilepsy warning for the original monica week mild horror warnings this smile will get a little spooky note that the more disturbing topics pretend at, doki doki literature glove are not present within this. Mod this model’s best experience if you have played through watched the original doki doki literature club story wise this mod takes place, directly after act 3. also note that this mod is based on a visual novel which means that there will be a lot of dialogue attack so get ready to read dang it, sincerely the ddto mod team what’s going on ladies and gentlemen it’s your boy dumb boy mikey and welcome back, to friday night funk the doki doki takeover now i remember playing the doki doki literature club mod back when uh it first released and at the same time doki doki dropped the actual.

Doki doki there’s a club plus which was the day after this mod was released but this my god updated which i’m a couple months, late but, knowing me i’m always late on something but anyways you down and cool with this kind of content like and subscribe and without further ado let’s get right to, it welcome to doki doki takeover this is a sequel to the monika full week a sequel oh so it’s a sequel have you played, monica for a week um i have wait it should enter for yes. Escape for no yeah i have played it natsuki yo it still looks crazy already all. Right story mode we’re just hopping right in okay so is there like six songs so we’re, facing monica sayori natsuki yuri there’s more to come i can already feel it let’s go put out check out hard we’re back again huh oh wait hold up oh wait i forgot, to change my controls right go well i thought you believe me what i did to my friends where am i now. Oh hello let’s get it boop you want to sing, beat things are happening really fast but you know what i love to usually i play piano while i sing but this isn’t a bad change of pace so. Yeah all right we’re just hopping right in uh god dang it oh well i’ll fix the controls, later let’s go i remember this song i wonder if.

Anything changed though oh yeah i saw that dokie hold up let’s go oh i don’t like that let’s go oh oh right i messed it up let’s, go okay right this is basically like when i played sonic.exe the 2.0 mod fnf test and they remade that from, the ground up it’s like bro i don’t know what to, expect oh frick oh my gosh this is why i should have changed my controls let’s go i missed 24 but frickin kept up really well with. My song ah i haven’t felt this happy in a while listen again beep all right here we go who the heck. Are you oh it’s freaking senpai huh wait is that my microphone how. The heck did you get that what is that worm doing here, bit them had enough fun making a fool of me last time shoes showed up now you’re bringing more of your hideous, attractive friends here to mock me once again he’s hey it’s not you give me that back i have another score to settle huh no wait i was just about, to i said give it no and yet here we are arguing this is this is my wait hold up wait this was the song hey, hold up oh this sounds so different, what was the song called again i forgot what it was called, oh and of course the both of them are fighting over the mic oh wait i’m so quick to pay attention to the detail oh hold, up that scratched my nose dang that was actually quick though let’s just. Steal my things then you pull something like that who do you think you are now step aside this, is where monica starts to delete everything i think i will you on the other hand what are you yeah she deletes everything i remember this fatal error can’t do nothing wait but can i do something, oh wait yeah everything just clicked oh yeah that everything starts to yeah there no more, distractions skitty translation girlfriend let’s get back to singing, shall we hmm aggressive beat bob noises oh her hey let’s not worry about her okay come on i’ve.

Got a very special song i’ve wanted to sing continuation of angry bee bops one more song oh whoa i don’t remember that being there yeah i definitely remember this song, i don’t remember seeing those there i like this wait i don’t. Remember ever seeing those eyeballs there wait that’s that’s the third eye my nose was that always in the game in the last update it’s been, a while attack is wild oh frick i wonder what happens if i touch, dude i don’t want to find out to know wait what that’s insta-death what the okay now. I know don’t touch the the deaf eyes wait what up what does that say that’s a message right there a few moments later hold up i. Think i know what it says fnf test just monika okay i see okay i i got it now, that that’s pretty dope i don’t. Remember i don’t think i remember that was ever emma was implementing in the game oh in the last update i just don’t, remember that it just translate just monica that’s pretty dope i can’t wait to see what happens after this okay almost there let’s get. It i should know better trying to interfere with people’s love lives again i’ll leave you be and then we got the original ending from the. Last time i played but then there’s more content after this i, can’t wait to get into that so you weren’t the one who stole my mic that. Blue hair gave to me when i showed up i don’t know where he got it. I don’t even know how i got here for that matter and what exactly happened after our unintentional duet i got rid of everyone temporarily something i.

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