Test the girlfriend’s ex Tabi with the FNF Tabi Test

When you‘re in a relationship, it‘s only natural to want to know everything about your partner‘s past. After all, you want to be sure that you‘re with the right person, and that there are no skeletons in the closet that could come back to haunt you later on. So, what do you do when you want to know more about your partner‘s ex? You could ask your partner directly, of course. But sometimes it‘s better to take a more indirect approach. That‘s where the FNF Tabi Test comes in. The FNF Tabi Test is a simple way to get some insight into your partner‘s past relationships. All you need is a piece of paper and a pen. On the paper, draw a line down the middle. On the left side of the line, write the name of your partner‘s ex. On the right side of the line, write the name of your partner. Now, take a look at the two names and ask yourself which one you would rather be with. If you find yourself drawn to your partner‘s ex, then it‘s possible that there are still feelings there. Alternatively, if you find yourself repulsed by the thought of being with your partner‘s ex, then

Test the girlfriend’s ex Tabi with the FNF Tabi Test oh that wasn’t my guitar guess randy was right i really can’t do this on my own can i oh it was fun when it lasted uh why are you why are, you looking at me like that while you’re making that face singing oh no i’m not a. Singer i just i joined my pen as a guitarist and wait you just keep that thing shoved. Up here fine i don’t know what i expected from someone playing friday night hey boyfriend don’t even think about. It sorry kid you think he’s so cool with your beeps and box huh yeah well i challenge, you to a freestyle rack well i play your beats three two one bye, seafood baby um mmm do you think. This is a game yeah i’m pouring my heart and soul into my music well all you do is just pose for your fans you let’s see. How much you can pose.

When you’re too busy rapping so so so so do oh that was my guitar. Guess randy was right i really can’t do this on my own can, i oh it was fun when it lasted uh why are you why are you looking at me like that why are you making a face singing oh no i’m not a singer i just i joined my pen, as a guitarist and wait do you just keep that thing shoved up here fine three, two one uh me me.

so ah be warm me hey .

Hey so so so ah so say cheese call an ambulance already oh it.

Was fun when it lasted wait what what can you believe him he broke up with. Me me bro what damn it you’re right i shouldn’t have cheated on him what was i thinking dude well i can’t just go tell him i’m starting now he probably doesn’t. Want to see me anymore listen you got some issues you need to figure, out now i’m no dating expert but when you’re with someone for about a year cheating hurts and i’m not going to. Be more involved in this than i already am goodbye three two one um. do oh oh oh all right let’s lay out the situation the music, school i attend is hosting a singing tournament the prize cash money but that’s not the important part my best friend alice heard that there’s gonna be. Some potential sponsors in the crowd and if that’s true all.

I have to do is win the tournament catch their attention from there on out i’m on my way. To fame city oh my bye um not even sure why you bothered joining cherry it’s obvious that.

First place belongs to yours truly you nice performance there i don’t call me that alice okay it’s either that or blondie and i think i know which one you prefer. Whatever list list all right you got three, more rounds and i’ve calculated the best guesses to who you’re gonna go up against in them okay hit me with it next up may the feast for the eyes she got nothing, about vocals under. Her belt though easy peasy oh me oh indy are you okay i saw what happened i’m good who’s.

Next next up is someone named thomas he talks and looks like a nerd but he sings like an angel they let him into the school, instantly special moves it’s called prime time but.

I couldn’t figure out what that does okay let’s do this uh uh and uh three two one then . Uh now indy don’t you think you might be pushing yourself a little too far nope i’m determined i have the strength, no you don’t look indie i admire the journey you went through to get to this point but but, if you’re going into that ring again you’re gonna die and, i don’t know if you realized it yet but that would be extremely selfish of you.

Because because there’s a fine line between being determined and being a and you’re this close to crossing it you forget to block her really hello tussler hey how. Have you been man don’t you, have a singing tournament or some not really wait how do you know i’m toward my band right now next, to your school and i see posters everywhere huh well listen i know this is long overdue but i wanted to tell you that i’m sorry for cheating on you i really liked you, you know back when but but i don’t know after a while.

You just became like really egotistical and stuff and then you know the type of on twitter well i’m not showing up to finals yeah and. Why is that i don’t know i just kinda had a change of heart lately and you know one thing leads to another, and boom calling my ex well it’s uh it’s not easy to make a positive change in your life so no i i appreciate, it tell you what my show tomorrow it’s pretty late so i’ll be free like most of, the day you know maybe we can meet up, at the cafe or something just once before i head back to beverly um yeah. I’d love to three two one down me uh hey me three two one uh uh do three two one uh yeah uh ah uh foreign easy oh good oh do you.

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