Making Scratch Cat Fnf test On Scratch

Making Scratch Cat Fnf test On Scratch hey hey hi and hello today we are playing well not anything we are going to code an fnf little thing on scratch.

Okay so i’m going to use it from this classic scratch cat if you don’t know what scratches it’s. Coding site pretty cool you got an account i know the code only block coding i don’t know javascript though that crap one of my friends, might call me made a video so don’t mind that i guess we can just i would, make my own backdrop but i guess we can just uh no no just choose one since i’m pretty sure there’s a.

Stage uh for sure stage of the concert ah that looks too too loud no i i just keep it i, know background okay so first we gotta make him a microphone um let’s just do this uh most. Of it okay so most of this will be making the sprite okay that’s nice there we go we got the microphone i’m gonna add several details like the uh whole thing, the line things microphones i don’t know what they’re called you, make this black so i see it i think this will be good but like that looks like that there we. Go one microphone okay i’m gonna group that all together this keep this here uh we are, going to make the sprite and like the animation i’m going to call him a cat a cat idol we’re going. To do the idol first i would play f on the channel but lags. When i’ve got it i think we need a small outline on this outline is one oh oh sorry i don’t want that we’ll put the microphones aside oh i don’t need that so far i want to stretch, out his hand a little and uh i think his head is a little too big um this needs to, be straightened out now this needs to be oops i hate how that’s connected i, don’t know how this is going to work there we go get there it go we did it okay i don’t mind the, background noise so uh here’s the uh i edited.

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