How to make your own fnf mod

How to make your own fnf mod what's up guys it's me michael i'm back so today i'm gonna teach you how to make your own fnf mod okay once again once again okay.

This time you have to download friday night funkin this time download pack editor pro go go whatever you want and just choose pico boyfriend mommy mirrors daddy dearest. So since i i kind of choose like pico yeah this one oh yeah yeah this one so i'm gonna show you how, to do, it because i'm still gonna continue this still gonna think you i'm still gonna think still gonna continue this okay wait no okay sorry about that, guys my brother was just questioning if this roblox or not okay okay if you if you want to do like any i i would like like like i just uh just. Never mind about the sound okay so uh so so i i kind, of like you to lose use uh five because because it looks like it's the best and. I kind of create this one see see i work so hard on that it took me hours okay okay after then you you have, remember you have to go to uh like another uh section or thingy i don't know i don't know so so like like like, go to the section thingy after then you have to, do like after then go go to look like section four like it's the best one, so so so so outline these things outline outlined like like like like i'm thingy of bad at drawing sometimes but at least i'm good at drawing yes just never mind. About that okay so remember trace it like this try it like this but in order for. You to trace you need to go to a another thingy like this like another section because.

Because because if you do this you would and and there's a mess up you would actually then you'll you would accidentally like remove the character that so sold so, you cannot do it so you, cannot outline so be so so and you can also erase the character so you can make your. Color too okay oh no okay okay this is almost done okay okay do like this so so this so so choose whatever, color you want and i and i also kind of choose the fire thing because i just. Like oh yeah i forgot about the fire thingy i forgot this time it's a new fire okay wow. Okay yeah yeah i know okay okay so so just so uh since we'.

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