How to make a fnf test in scratch

How to make a fnf test in scratch so this so this is how to make an fnf thing um yeah i’m on my account let’s just name this tutorial and so let’s get started so first we upload the.

Skype can make your own or you can choose one of these for now we’re going to stick with.

Now i’m going to stick with bob yeah bob so this is bob so we go and green flag clicked broadcast message one and, when i received message one forever repeat how many themes there are minus one so 13 times, next costume weight 0.0 four seconds and put this right here now when you, play it you can change it up like 0.204 seconds to make it actually look like it’s in in-game but if you want to be sloppy then you can do that so.

You go to costumes and then you upload.

The other costumes so yeah so can we like um no like no no so we select so let’s just select these costumes we’ll just delete. The other bob yeah delete this can’t hear me just follow the tutorial what it’s saying oh we’ll do a. New one we’ll do a new one so. A bird costume it’s two nonsense wait no not a green flag when i receive message one just repeat 28 times next costume 0.004 seconds switch costume to none new sense number.

Three because it’s the first one it’s just mixed up for some reason and when green flag clicked podcast message, once now oh oh god so let’s just put we gotta put this in order three four five six seven eight nine 10 11 12. 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 20 2 23, 24 25 26 27 28. okay now it shall work yeah so we go down.

And upload the other costumes right if you want to yeah you can make this like totally smaller like you just, do like oh come on so i can like do two maybe smaller so what we want to do, is so find it 24 and delete the others so now that we have this so when when right arrow key pressed stop other. Scripts on the sprite switch costume to nonsense right wait 2.0 it’s four seconds switch costume not just right eight wait 0.67 seconds wait until, not key right air pressed broadcast message one so what, this is saying is that it’s like when the right arrow key pressed i’ll switch the costume to. The right and eight and then it will wait 0.7 seconds and then broadcast message one which will take. It to over here and take it back to there you can like set size to 200, and then set size back to 100. yeah so it may be bloody but it’s okay i mean totally no one no one is going to see it so then we grab our other one nonsense up, duplicate this and up arrow key test switch costume to, let’s see switch costumes i’m wait making a video hold on hold on all right i’ll be back guys what do you want making a video, huh so okay guys i’m back my brother, just needed me for something is that supposed to happen that happens okay yeah that’s better find one that’s like not this size though so. I think i’m set size to 1 3 8. okay so now we upload the other costumes okay down.

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