How To Make A FNF Mod On Kade Engine

How To Make A FNF Mod On Kade Engine hello everybody it is me panetti and today i’m going to be showing you guys how to make a effort mod on k engine 1.6. This is the newest version there’s a bunch of stuff uh new yeah so first of all you want to go to um he just search your paid engine so it’s good or, i’ll leave in the, description below the github and you want to go to the you want to press releases now it says show 1.6 of, release of cadentian you just want to press source code where it says zip press on that now you’re just going to put it in you know.

Just whatever wherever you want it to be also i’m going to let you guys know this video is. Probably going to be like 20 30 minutes because we’re going to be adding character and but first we have to build the game and you need to download stuff for. That and i’ll just show you once we unzip this so if you. Have a winrar i would suggest downloading it, or you have just you don’t have it just press extract all but since i have one rar i’m just going to go to show show more extract files and then press ok should you. Know process all right so once you.

See kate injured 1.6 just gonna double click on that and basically you have all the stuff now you’re probably confused don’t panic because you know there’s, a bunch of stuff and you don’t know what to do it’s really simple and i’ve already gotten used to this already um we’re going to go to over um first if we’re gonna build the game right now we you need, to get um microsoft microsoft visual studio 2017 this is the one you need so i will leave this in the description below you just. Scroll down press 2017 and then download and then also you’re gonna need to sign into your microsoft right, here it just skipped, because you know i’m already i’m already logged in so yeah and once you log in you’re going to see a bunch of stuff the only thing you’re going to be doing. Is downloading the visual studio community 17 you want to download, that one press this and then you’ll have this save and then boom you you’ll download it just it’s pretty easy once you do, that you just click it once it’.

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