FNF Tricky Test will show you the best moves of Tricky

FNF Tricky Test will show you the best moves of Tricky super squad today we’re going to be playing the friday night funkin versus shaggy mod but he’s going to be using just a. Little bit more power than last time buckle up kids oh my gosh one qa 2 cws3 what are.

These keys oh gosh oh wait what what is this what do you mean two z who has this. Many fingers there are 21 keys i gotta press hold on i’m taking a screenshot i need to memorize these keys okay guys i got. My screenshot so it’s 1 q a 2 z w s 3 x dude what is this c so i. Have to turn my keyboard like sideways wait what i’m so confused shaggy shaggy going zombie man 0.001 was enough man come on come on how is anyone supposed to do this.

How is anyone supposed to do this why am i, even doing this am i gonna be able to get anywhere come on yes, yes i hit one of them i think i think i got z or two or something all right guys it is button o’clock it is button let’s do it, last ditch effort to beat this come on come on come on it like muted it we’re doing it. For scoob today guys we’re doing today come on come on twenty-one keys let’s go fight fast but oh god okay i have no. Idea why but it’s showing the old boyfriend icon i don’t know what i pressed look look look look why is, it that wait why is it that now this is it this.

Is it get high get high get hyped we’re doing it we’re doing it.

21 21 keys come on here we go here we go here we go oh no oh no what did. I do oh i guess uh i guess we’re restarting the mine i guess the uh i guess the button spamming yeah it kicked us out and we. Restarted wait wait what is this wait tabby wait how did we get on the tabby mod what did i press i have no clue what’s happening here um,, i guess shaggy’s here to save the day from debbie oh let’s go no no come on come on daddy come on shaggy, is here to save the day let’s go let’s let’s go that’s right tabby that’s right dabby shaggy just sitting there you look so angry come on boyfriend you should, be happy to shag today let’s go this song is epic you can’t handle these oh all right we’re. Good we’re good no it should be shaggy oh . Yes yes thank you shaggy for saving the day so i noticed that shaggy’s always talking about trees so, i went out and found the dopest tree on friday night let’s check it out well well what a cute girl you got air bud hey look a talking tree i can do more than talk i’m. Taken taken that’s a weird name yeah she’s taken how about a rap battle for oh. What would it hurt to try right boyfriend bro she’s literally about to leave me.

For a tree all right guys we are fighting the tree for my girlfriend apparently let’s see what happens it looks like broccoli on the little timeline oh oh. My gosh this is. Kind of hard to look at ah this is hurting my eyes down up okay at least it’s not too fast okay okay not bad not bad why does this hurt to look at. So much maybe. It’s just me maybe it’s just me okay let’s go let’s go oh go go go oh there we go there we go oh there’s a lot of arrows that’s a lot of, arrows come on don’t watch up down now oh with the double, tap whoa oh that was cool that was very interesting okay okay okay okay yo oh gosh i feel the forces of, shaggy they’re at work here they’re working okay oh there’s a lot double dead down down down down right right up up oh with the double jabs come. On oh gosh. Here it comes here comes i know it’s about you something okay okay oh there it is there it is there it is this song is pretty sick though oh okay hey that. Was awesome dang that was the first song too it’s only gonna. Get crazier guys it’s only gonna get crazier whoa wait what dang i’m slowly dying no he’s dying beep don’t just stand there beeping grab a, watering hose or something fertilizer maybe he needs fertilizer you wouldn’t understand my situation kid yeah he’s, never been the gardening type bf let’s get out of here yeah this is.

Getting kind of uncomfortable we’ve seen enough death this week no i won’t let you get away not like this wait what what what did we do okay, i guess he’s not letting us get away for, some reason oh gosh it’s already looking uh sorry looking okay okay it is getting intense oh oh, oh okay we’re staying up though we’re staying up oh my gosh why is this so intense and who is that guy right there okay come on oh okay yeah yes. Oh jeez is that bob is there bob back there oh man oh man let’s go let’s go, let’s go yes yes oh okay okay how is he, doing this i can’t even see i can’t even see half the arrows oh my gosh i thought he was dying you’re wasting all your dying energy on this oh gosh oh man, oh man oh come on come on we.

Are falling this is crazy let’s go let’s go let’s go come on come on man come on man come on come on man i said you were the dopest tree around why are you doing this. To me man oh gosh holy holy oh my gosh yo there’s so much going on here. oh man okay we’re. Surviving we’re surviving come on come on the tree might be dying but we are surviving yo yo this song is crazy too come on oh my, gosh oh man oh come on come on this is so crazy yo yo oh my gosh wait that was it what’s gonna happen. Now oh oh what is going on um what, just happened did he die did the tree die why is the screen black now oh he’s even angrier is is he dead ew oh gosh i don’t think he’s dead. Guys oh look at they’re scared i tried blake nice kid it’s dead you’ve killed me my man was just, trying to rap battle a tree why does everyone. Hear raps die why forget getting your girl i’m technically dead.

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