Did you ever wonder how Whitty moves when you press a specific key? Here is the FNF Whitty Test

Did you ever wonder how Whitty moves when you press a specific key? Here is the FNF Whitty Test set up all right recording now update time for versus woody because i love this mod woody is like one of the best spots all right what’s it what’s the difference, here all right oh okay so that’s locked oh what the hell oh okay no dulles lee get back alley blitz, high quality all right that’s definitely new okay cool all right it’s time for the update cutscene oh the the cutscenes like the cutscenes like cleaner but what., The why is it so buggy who ski-doop wait why is he so why is it so funky why is.

It so buggy wait wait wait wait wait why is he texting get off the screen i definitely got the wrong version. Why was he texting when i was playing is it supposed to be like that shot or am i bugging there’s no way i’m playing the song and they’re tight they’re texting type they like, typing texting get your words out like that’s supposed to happen there’s no way so many mods. And i haven’t seen that before yeah no that was the first i don’t know why they were there it was, it went from the cutscene that was, clean and then it just went into the song without stopping okay so i have the updated version we should be good now i had the i had the most scuffed version of, it let’s try that again cutscene cool, are we good though okay dialogue who oh we’re good now skadoop all right we’re good now oh it’s you you’re with her would both of you kindly leave me alone i don’t. Want anyone knowing i’m here meet boob listen i ain’t looking for trouble tonight i have been saying since my music was, defiled did, i read that right just leave it just leave him always be cool pissed off witty all right here we go we’re good now imagine every school tomorrow true all right here we go this is such a.

Chill song yo they get furious fred king godzilla, with the two dollars super chat oh okay i was like what’s the difference and he just started, singing different oh boyfriend’s voice is different too okay okay oh okay what’s the name of this i i notice hey oh hi what.

Is the name of this i know this i know this i forget the name i know this and i, found out hey what is this renai oh okay hey hey i like this release hey.

this is actually really cool it ironically fits the song too just just unironically it does it fits the song just. Somehow it does it just does i like that oh damn okay hold up yo, woody with the with the suit on okay yeah where’s my suit that why am i selling my dumb, ass t-shirt bro why boyfriend our dumbass t-shirt woody all dripped out right now bro i see how we’re playing this game of yours bro we got our corny ass. T-shirt bro get me in a suit look at witty, man you’re really pushing my limits here dude beeping that up though how about you go die in a instead movie ski don’t make me do this bro. Get me dripped out i’m looking like a bum over here bro come on look at the woody bro.

bro man’s actually dripped out dude, he did it quick costume change oh oh okay oh okay oh this is where we make something hey okay woody okay what do you got the drip and with the music oh okay oh this. Is nice the duet this is hella nice what the all right hold up we’re getting we’re getting to the beach here we.¬†Go all right ignore to miss uh we don’t talk about the miss.

We don’t talk about the miss we don’t talk about that oh i wasn’t looking who the is talking now the is talking what. The hell oh the. Camera movement is so nice too with woody all right wait you popped out the hold up all right guys i’m joking in the funky friday 44s, i’m joking that was nice you missed thanks thanks you had to donate too to tell me that thank you lily i love it thank you i love it thank. You so much oh hello hi hi hey i know you pissed hey hey don’t ruin the suit don’t ruin, the suit ah ha ha what the am i. Looking at here huh what the i went from dripped out into a high school chicken mask bat enough you think this is funny pushing me to, my absolute goddamn limit what the and why do i actually know why the does he have a. Dude i hate the oh the mouse looks bro why am i the yo why am i master splinter from teenage mutant ninja turtles dog oh and, i got, like a silencer pistol dude like i’m actually splinter look at boyfriend oh my gosh beep boop but i see how it is then. You’re nothing about a monster a cold lifeless wait ty without sympathy or morals i’ll take you out right.

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