Check out the FNF Characters with the FNF Test Playground Remake Series

The FNF Test Playground Remake Series is a series of fanmade remakes of the popular Friday Night Funkin rhythm game. The series is created by a team of developers known as the FNF Characters, who are passionate about the game and its community.

The series began as a way to test out new ideas and mechanics for the game, but has since grown into a fullfledged project with its own unique take on the Friday Night Funkin formula. The FNF Test Playground Remake Series is a great way to experience the game in a new light, and to support the hardworking developers behind it. If you‘re a fan of Friday Night Funkin‘, be sure to check out the series!

Check out the FNF Characters with the FNF Test Playground Remake Series hello hello hello friday night funkin fans welcome to a new scary showcase and this one is top 5 triple trouble covers this is, the continuation of the sonic.exe mod this time bringing sonic.exe’s victims into the play but we’re not precisely going to be looking at sonic.exe and his goons we’re going to be taking a look at, their replacements who does the job better than sonic.exe who does the job worse i’m pretty sure no one does, but either way let’s check out these covers shall we have fun and enjoy right at the very beginning we got triple, trouble bambi mix in all honesty these guys look more goofy.

Than scary but either way let’s see how strong they are shall we hey so five five five five, five five is uh five five. so finally uh um foreign me so we’re not done with bambi.

Just yet up next we’ve got triple phone breakers versus dave and bambi these are quite strong but.

Boyfriend will be able to defeat them because let’s be honest he always wins in.

These videos whether you like it or not bubbles so bye all right five oh is, uh so do hey uh so is me uh bronze medal goes to dark poems triple trouble but characters, from doki doki literature club sing it does that mean monika is, basically sonic the xc well whatever the case let’s take a look at this cover me me , me eggs soups uh me baby me feet . oh foreign oh it’s six , mixes steps special uh so oh boy the silver medal goes to hypnosing in triple trouble is. He going to do that along or did he hypnotize some goons to sing with him for whatever the case hypno gets the silver medal oh, oh bye foreign me foreign . Foreign me so oh there’s um, it’s oh my foreign me, foreign oh uh so and look who got the gold medal it’s pb trouble this scary mod get glitched, out and we’re going to see frightening characters fighting against boyfriend who will be the strongest one here we’ll see this in a while this hey hey myself so bye so me um uh do oh so um did you enjoy watching this video if you did why not give it a like check out our last episode and ring the bell to be notified about our new videos that’s it for today but stay tuned for more.

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